Window Insulation Film and Double Glazing Cost Comparison

Double Glazing is easy to compare to, but Window Film is tricky because there is a massive variance in quality, performance and cost. You can get high quality Window film with comparable performance to our Thermal Glass Coat, but it does cost a lot more.

  • In Clarke’s beach, a couple were quoted $9,000 for 2 very large, high windows in their lounge to be Double Glazed. We did their whole house for $6,000. High performance Window Film would have cost around $11,000. The job took 2 days. After the 1st day, in the lounge we’d only done the 2 large, high windows. The next morning, the client said “that stuff is amazing, I turned the heat pump down 3 degrees last night, and you haven’t even coated the other windows in the lounge yet”.
  • In Mt Wellington, a Father of a local Church got 3 Double Glazing quotes for the Church’s home. The lowest was $19,000. We did it for $4,000. High performance Window Film would have cost around $7,000. He reported … “I do not use any heating during the day as it is no longer necessary.”


Things to consider other than price…

Retrofit Double Glazing

  • There maybe access equipment costs to be added as well.
  • It’s messy, stressful and disruptive to home owners.
  • Glass is incredibly heavy. Adding a second pane to many window frames is fraught with unforeseen problems. Damage, leaks, warping and bending. This is glossed over my many retrofit double glazing installers because it doesn’t become an issue until 2 or 3 years after the install.

Window Insulation film

  • The applicators have to leave visable join lines on large windows.
  • Film is known to crack, peel and bubble.
  • It’s known to have durability issues in hot environments and can even break windows.

Thermal Glass Coat

  • We work on the inside, so usually, no access equipment is required (unless you have really high windows inside).
  • Minimal disruption and mess.
  • We use your existing glass, so there is no extra weight to cause damage and leaks to your window frames.
  • Glass remains clear to see through.
  • Doesn’t crack, bubble, peel or leave join lines.
  • Can even be used on curved windows.
  • 10 year Guarantee.