Thermal Glass Coat Testimonials

Wieslaw Pawlowski – Mt Wellington, Auckland.

These seriously cold nights and mornings are a reminder to us all that winter has indeed arrived.

Because I am very aware of the amount of heat that escapes through windows I did some research on the many options available to reduce this heat loss and save on power consumption while staying comfortable indoors. As a result I have obtained details of the Thermal Glass Coat, coating system that is simple to apply yet effective in reducing heat loss.

The special insulating coating is simply applied to existing window glass where it bonds permanently. While barely noticeable, it gives a window similar insulating properties to double glazing yet is considerably cheaper, and does not require removal of windows so is mess free. I did obtain a quote for installing double glazing and the cheapest quote (of 3) was $19,000 as compared to $4000 for the window coating.

All the windows in my 100plus sq. meter house have now been coated and I have noticed my house is warmer, easier to heat up in the morning and that the temperature can be maintained with minimal resources. I currently use a log burner late evenings/nights and two standard electrical oil heaters in the morning that only need to be set on setting 2 or 3 (“Low”). I do not use any heating during the day as it is no longer necessary.

Kind regards, Wieslaw Pawlowski

PS: Feel free to contact me if you would like more information. My contact details are available through Thermal Glass Coat.

Tania W (Hastings – Hawkes Bay)

As soon as came home from work, I noticed the difference. My home (in Hastings) felt warmer when I came home from work and was warmer in the morning as well. I first got it in the summer and it really helped to keep my house cooler, but now I’m finding great benefits in the winter too. I need the heating on less than last winter, even though it’s been colder in Hawkes Bay. The best part is it not being so cold in the mornings there being hardly any condensation on the windows. I definitely recommend Thermal Glass as a Double Glazing Alternative for window insulation.