Tania W (Hastings – Hawkes Bay)

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Hawkes Bay Double Glazing Alternative Hastings - Testimonial - Thermal Glass Coat As soon as came home from work, I noticed the difference.  My home (in Hastings)  felt warmer when I came home from work and was warmer in the morning as well.  I first got it in the summer and it really helped to keep my house cooler, but now I'm finding great benefits in the winter too.  I need the heating on less than last winter, even though it's been colder in Hawkes Bay.  The best part is it not being Continue Reading ...

Wieslaw Pawlowski

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These seriously cold nights and mornings are a reminder to us all that winter has indeed arrived. Because I am very aware of the amount of heat that escapes through windows I did some research on the many options available to reduce this heat loss and save on power consumption while staying comfortable indoors. As a result I have obtained details of the Thermal Glass Coat, coating system that is simple to apply yet effective in reducing heat loss. The special insulating coating is simply Continue Reading ...