UV Window Protection and Glass Insulation.

At last! Protect your home against Sun Damage and Fading,
Keep Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter, without
‘Breaking the Bank’

Are You Very Aware of the Sun Damaging your Valuable Carpets, Drapes, Furnishings, Precious Photos and Art Works?

At Last there is an Effective and Cost Efficient Solution –

THERMAL Glass Coat will drastically reduce Fading and Sun Damage by blocking over 99% of the suns UV Rays and up to 85% Infrared (IR) Rays.

Does the sun make your rooms unbearably hot in Summer?
By Blocking the sun’s IR rays THERMAL Glass Coat reduces the indoor temperatures in summer, thus making your home or work place so much more comfortable.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to come home from work your home and not find your home stifling hot?

  • Protect Your Home and Your Bank Balance
  • Increase your comfort levels at home and at work
  • Reduce the load on air conditioning systems
  • Experience saving in maintenance and energy costs
  • Makes your heating more efficient
  • Increase energy efficiency … without the expense of double glazing

Thermal Glass Coat is a clear liquid coating, carefully applied to your existing windows by a trained technician and within a few hours it is working to reduce temperatures in your home during summer by 5-10°C, and in winter,  increasing inside temperatures by between 3-7°C,

  • Cooler rooms in summer – Blocks IR from entering
  • Warmer rooms in winter – Blocks IR from exiting
  • Improved insulation on all windows including unusually shaped or curved glass
  • Reduces the effects of condensation and weeping windows
  • Has very durable glass like finish
  • Guaranteed for 10yrs

Thermal Glass Coat has been widely used in homes and commercial buildings across Japan and other parts of Asia. At the heart of this clever double glazing alternative is nanotechnology combined with carefully controlled application by a trained technician. Thermal Glass Coat also contains platinum which gives the coating its special durability properties.

Get the sun’s warmth … without the damaging effect of UV

Thermal Glass Coat is priced at a fraction of the cost of installing retrofit double glazing; it is quick and quiet to apply; and it is guaranteed for 10yrs. It is the perfect alternative to retrofit double glazing and ‘high end’ films, for insulation and UV protection.